Commit to Success.

pexels-photo.jpg“Successful people know that making decisions based on what feels good in the short term is often a deceiving shortcut that requires more work in the end.”


In a world where you can have anything you want is available to you – you just need to commit.

The more we have invested in something the less likely we are to let it fail.

Hesitancy cases us to gravitate away from commitment and keeps us in our current cycle.
I’m not sure neutral attitude = limbo life.
Therefore, Change your “Should I?” into your “How will I?”

If you want movement or progress you need to commit.

How can you increase your commitment to something even though you’re not sure if or how you’ll be able to do it?


“You have to be so focused on finding a way that you do not even pay attention to the normal obstacles that slow down most people.”


“Winning is a habit, so is losing” Add Self Disciple and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

“Success is not a matter of circumstance; it’s a matter of choice. Finding new circumstances won’t make you successful, but making new choices will.

It you DON’T make a choice, then you are not a successful person looking for a new challenge to take on, you’re a person with conditional commitment looking for set of circumstances and most likely stating the same self-defeating pattern all over again.


Focus = Power Magnifying glass = Fire

Improve Focus = Improve self-discipline or minimize amount of distraction.

“Ignore the noise, conquer the critical, manage the minutiae.”


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