What is weighing you down?

Mind-body connection is real and most of us can feel the difference, the wholeness, the balance after attending some type of class that reestablishes that connection. However there are still so many that don’t recognize the destruction this causes in our mind and especially in our body when we go too long without letting the two rekindle their connection.

The body takes all those pings of emotions and stores them for later…but later never comes; time to sit and journal, meditate, attend counseling, vent to a friend, and process those emotions – to let them go. We hold them. What does that mean? The nagging weight that you cannot loose, the pain that wont go away, the hair falling out or acne…the imbalance in your body or mind.

This is why so many people fall in love with practices like yoga & meditation. As they do work through their body, connect the body and mind they find themselves releasing. In yoga the practice of letting go is not easy, for some it takes years to really notice, but each practice you release little by little. Session after session you untie the knots and learn how to breathe.


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