Lost in Trying to Make a Healthy Life?

I hear:

“I want to loose weight, as fast as possible….like yesterday.”

They search for the latest program that pomises weight loss with fast results.

Because that’s what they are looking for, that is their goal.

Weight lost fast. And that is what they will get.

That is all they will get.

They didn’t think about life after the lost weight. Just loosing the weight.

Once they have lost the weight they slowly gain it back until again they “wake up” in panic suddenly realizing their condition and start over = the yo-yo diet.

Maybe a life-style change seems like too much work?

Or maybe they just didn’t know how to do that because its not written in a step-by-step plan like the fad diets are.

Although a healthy life-style “diet” is easy once you are on it. It isn’t the same for everyone.

If it we simple there most likely wouldn’t be degrees and certifications in Exercise Science or Nutrition Science.

There is not a one size fits all…because non of us have all the same obstacles, genetic body types, daily routines, etc.

Then what?

So, then the person runs to their personal trainer or signs up for a boot camp.

That also works short term, because most of the time you are not learning…you are just doing.

You need to think of this more like a middle or high school science project.

You create your hypothesis, give it a try, adjust, rehypothesize, try, adjust….

Well, that doesn’t sound easy!

And the you are left pulling your hair and either silently yelling for “HELP” or give up.

Been there?

I had heard about life coaching, health coaching, etc. But I didn’t know how to navigate that.

So, I went to school and studied everything I could so that I could change my health, my life. I learned the industry. Learned what worked and didn’t work for me and then for my clients.

Life Coach – May or May not have had formal training. Ask for credentials and what topics they will help with or specialize in.

Wellness Coach – Looks at all aspects of life for your overall balance of wellness. Not just physical health & diet. This could be a certified wellness coach, a personal trainer or yoga teacher with motivational coaching skills, or someone who has taken an online course. Ask for credentials.

Success Coach – Very similiar to a wellness coach but focuses more on your goals and helping you strategize around obstacles on your journey and you tweak things here and there. This may be wellness coaching or project/business oriented as well.

Types of training: Online or self study programs, associate degrees from university (normally tagged onto a business or exercise science degree, weekend programs with self study, advanced study after obtaining yoga or personal training certification or they could be a social worker, stress management specialist or other.

So, I don’t necessarily recommend taking an extreme route like me. But I want to stress the value of coaching or even a good self help book and an accountability buddy (works best if you read the book together then follow through with eachother). Most importantly don’t do it alone or only with social media. Humans need other humans. And when you work with a coach its two humans supporting eachother.

Best Wishes!

If you would like to set up an appointment for coaching with me, send me a message via the contact form with 3 good appointment times that would work best for you.


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