How Do I Change My Life?

Simply put, You cannot accomplish your dreams when you are stressed, tired, malnourished &/or too busy.

Most of the time we place all of this on “lack of motivation” we feel that if we just had something give us a big enough jolt we could jump over this fence (or wall) that seems to be in our way.

We are seeking out side of ourselves…but everything we need is already there.

Normally the real reason behind it all is fear.

Fear that is underlining change, stress, and the work that might need to occur to overcome the debt.

Identifying low self confidence, self doubt or self sabotage are generally types of fear of what others or another may think of us.

Being tired and burnt out is normally a lack of self-care which piggy backs on the previous of not valuing ourselves.

If we sit and just keep waiting for something to change, it is very unlikely that is will.

Any change you can make will be a step in the right direction and the biggest change you can make is mindset. But this does not happen overnight. Its taken moments from all your life to bring you here, every memory or response from another has shaped you.

Now, you have to practice letting it all go.

And shape yourself into the person you want to be, to have the life you want to have.

Step 1. Self-care.

What is your ideas and thoughts that prevent you from taking care of your self?

Are you scared of what people might think of you if you spend time on yourself?

Do you believe you are worthy of it? Or do you think you need to earn it?

Do you have an image or judgement of people who take care of themselves?

If so, why? Do you really believe that is true or is that something society has pressured on you?

What is self-care?

Stay tuned for a list of activities you can do for self-care.

Please comment some activities you use for self-care or would like to do.


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