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Scheduled Self-Care


Self care is one of the biggest focus’ in healing. Healing for your soul, mind and body. When we hit that exhaustion point and feel like crashing its often an imbalance of mind and body; one is over used and the other under utilized.
The body stores the emotions from the mind and waits for them to be processed…the body gets tired from excess emotional storage and then we rest the body but see little results. We tend to rest the body and distract the mind = no healing takes place.

Almost everything starts with the mind and stress management = self care.

Check out this sytem and craft it to what works for you.
Also know that you can start small and work big.
Maybe you begin with 5+5+5.
You can wake up 15 minutes early to see life changing results right?

This won’t just help you. It will change how you respond to others as well.

The Power Hour Method

If you feel like you don't have time for self care, the Power Hour method is the simplest and quickest way to start a self care routine! Click to read more about the power hour method.

So how do you break your alarm snoozing habits and develop a self-care routine at the same time? You start by devoting 20 minutes to your mind, 20 minutes to your body, and 20 minutes to your soul in order to take care of yourself in just one hour. It’s like a power hour for your well-being!

At first I was like, Do I really have to get up an extra hour to do this? But strangely enough, when you’re excited about something and know it’s going to improve your mood, it makes getting up a lot easier.

I feel like I’m more productive, my stress levels decrease, and my outlook is more positive when I start my day this way.

How The Power Hour Works
If you feel like you don't have time for self care, the Power Hour method is the simplest and quickest way to start a self care routine! Click to read more about the power hour method.
Choose Three Activities

Start by choosing three activities from the list below for your mind, body, and soul. You can also think about activities you love or want to try that may not be on the list.

Set Aside Time

Set aside an hour in the morning to try this. It may seem impossible to wake up an hour earlier, but the goal is to find activities that are exciting and enjoyable enough to you that you don’t mind losing that extra hour of sleep. You could also go in baby steps and just focus on one area (mind, body, or soul) for 20 minutes each day.

Start The Timer

Do each activity for 20 minutes. Time yourself. You don’t have to go in any particular order, just choose the thing that excites you the most first. For me, I usually like to wake up and either read or write, then I’ll do some yoga, and then I’ll listen to a podcast or watch a video.

P.S. You totally don’t have to do this in the morning or in one big chunk. You can span it throughout the day or do it before bed. I personally think it’s the best strategy to get excited about waking up.

example of activities
If you want even more ideas, my post with 30 goal ideas to nourish your mind, body, and soul should help you out! You’ll probably find that a few things can cross-over and be placed in more than one category. It’s up to you how you interpret each activity.

The Power Hour Worksheet
7 days of healing 1

To make this process even easier, I put together a worksheet for you to print out so you can keep track of your activities for 7 days! You can plan these out ahead of time, or just write down each activity as you complete them. You also don’t have to do something new every day. If you want to write every day, do it – but if you want to try writing one day and meditating the next, that’s cool too!

7 days

Your Challenge

Looking to really challenge yourself for better self-care & recovery? Considering joining an online challenge. With the 7 days of Healing program you will recieve a daily e-mail, be added to a private facebook group and have a coach available for questions.

Sign up for the next challenge here.
The next Challenge start date is July 7th @ 7pm – This is the day before “Day 1” so that you have some scheduled time to prep for success.

Whan are you going to try to squeeze in using the Power Hour Method?
Leave a comment and let us know your plan, desires & concerns.
And of course! Let us know your success’!

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