No More Diet Confusion.

The diet industry makes money off your confusion or lack of nutrition knowledge.

For the industry its great if you keep hoping around from diet to diet from pill to pill, keep falling off the wagon and keep playing with yo-yo diets.

But, I coach, someone who focuses on public health education and gains more reputation by keeping people health is where the magic happens….its called knowledge, habits and skill set or tools.

What if instead of investing multiple billions of dollars each year (and growing) we spent more money to learn how to develop healthy skills and slowly spent less money and more time on just our well being?

What if you replaced your unhealthy habits or non useful habits with self-care practices?
Instead of sitting around socializing through social media posts we went for a walk and really talked with our friends (or made friends at a meet-up walk).

What if you had someone telling you what you can eat instead of what you cannot?

What if you had a personalized plan to make you feel your best instead of trying 50 diets hoping that you will find the best for you?

Sounds great, right!?

But, what if its hard to change? 
It is.
And when its hard, you don’t always feel like talking to a person. That is why you need a program that you can learn. And a person available for support and individualization.

As a coach, I want you to learn the skills to overcome the obstacles and reach your potential so that you are stronger than your excuses.

That is why I have taken the Precision Nutrition Certification and am implementing the ProCoach software for all my clients. More support, custom-ability and resources.

This program is a 12 month commitment to BIG CHANGES and that starts with habits.

This is a transformation that will take work and persistence but in a manageable and realistic way, learning skills for a lifetime.

You wont even need me when you are finished, but your friends will when they see the changes you have made.

Contact me on facebook here or e-mail me at for a video with more information on this powerful program.
The first 5 people get a big reduced rate per month,
second 10 people a reduced rate and
everyone else the standard (which is still pretty good too) rate.

YouTube Video:



1. How can I afford this?

Well, here is the thing when your diet is out of control normally other parts of your life are too…right?
Its rare that that is the only place you lack knowledge or disorganization.
So, how often do you buy things you don’t need or don’t use?

Just the other day I returned a couple pairs of earrings and jewelry that I thought I needed. Old me would have kept them in my jewelry box telling myself I’ll wear them one day, clinging to them because I liked them. But new me is wiser and I wrote it on my to-do list to return, figured out when that week I would be near and wrote it in my planner to return… it was just a few pairs of items less than $10 each, but the return was $32. That isn’t much but things like this add up along with not buying expensive coffee full of cream and sugar that will only contribute to weight gain ($5 each x 2 per week x 4 weeks x 12 months = about $500 per year). We are a nation of over consumers and as we learn how to not over consume food we learn how to more responsibly consume other items as well.

Does 12 months feel a little overwhelming?

Well then maybe you would like to try;

7 days of Healing


Shred 10, 10 days of shredding key unhealthy habits by focusing on the healthy ones.


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