Prevent Cancer with Food

Stop thinking about what foods to stop eating and start thinking about what foods you can be adding!

We can Eat to Starve Cancer.

Mother nature has laced many herbs and foods to inhibit growth of tumors and cancer cells.

In fact combining two low potency foods often creates higher potency results than 1 solo high potency food.

Another key note from the doctor in this ted talk was that Obesity in the body fuels chemical responses that allow non threatening tumors and cells to grow.

If we create an environment for our bodies that supports healthy cell function and recover that does not provide the oppportunity for tumors to grow then we can starve cancer…and we do that by what we put into our bodies for fuel.



Want to know how you can you can get more nutrition and a variety of potentent superfoods into your body without all the extra calories?

Juicing has been a popular way in the past but now technology and enginuity has improved that! Its better than juicing in nutients and without the sugar spike.

Message me for more info here on the contact form or on Facebook.



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