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Sustainable Mindset

We see a lot of new products flooding the market, these eye catching sustainability products get our interest by using ingenuity, creativity and reducing waste but why aren’t more people buying them?

Simple answer:
They are slightly more expensive and made in USA.

Bigger Answer:
In order for us to rebuild America “To Make it Great Again” we have to use our wallets with our consumer choices. If we want to keep the products being produced here we need to show that we are ready to buy products from here.

The Bigger Problem is that we are a nation of consumption; we buy, comsume and accumalate far more than we need. Instead of buying 8 t-shirts for $15/each we could buy 4 that we really love and use at $30/ea.
We arn’t spending any more money and we arn’t really getting less either because I think we can all agree that we have A Lot of clothes in the closet that we hardly touch.

Habits and Instant gratification is what fuels the American Business Market.

Read more about the minimal life and how it helps us think clearer here:
Clear the Clutter, Clear your Mind.

We have been trained through years of marketing that more is better. The survival mode in us and insurities tells us to stock up like we are prepparing for a hard winter. But in all reality we live in a world that we don’t need to hoard or stock up on anything.

….Often we are a 10 minute drive from a grocery store or clothing store.

Who are you supporting when you buy?
By becoming more mindful time and time again with each thing we do we can prevent living our life on autopilot.
Its good to occassionally question why you do what you do.
Is a choice you like or is it something that society tells you that you should choose.


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So, How do you make more sustainable choices on the path to live greener, more simple, and more sustainable?

  1. OBSERVATION: Notice what you consume. What bottles, plastics and such fill your garbage can daily? – Make a list and see how can you get those items without all the waste.
    Often Farmer’s markets or sustainable markets have options.
    Pinterest has some super cute ways to make veggie bags out of old t-shirts.
    Just know that being sustainable isn’t about buying a bunch of fancy new items to not make waste, its about living more simple and not producing as much waste.
    (Example: You don’t need 5 cute water bottles…just 1-2 that might be made of sustainable products and/or made in the US)
  2. COMMUNITY: Hang out with other people who are sustainable or support local businesses. This is how you get your reviews…Amazon doesn’t know everything on this topic. Farmer’s markets, Yoga Classes, Local Craft Fairs, Community Pot-lucks…
  3. Notice feelings of wanting to consume, desires to go shopping or over eat.
    Often behind those desires are feelings and those feelings are seeking a distraction or a filler and quick fix for external products. It might make us feel good for the day or week but “things” don’t fix our emotions or problems.
    Take a moment and create a game plan of other activities you can do instead that would make you feel better: call or text a friend, go for a walk, make a craft or art, have tea with a friend, cook a meal, do something on that never ending to-do list…

Read more: The Feelings behind the Desire to Consume.


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