Law of Attraction

What if getting what you wanted was as easy as simply asking for it?

Time and time again I meet people who speak of the law of attraction, people who have put the principle into practice and are amazed at the results.

But not all fully get it. And its ok, there are some underlying factors that for those who this philosophical principle works for might not realize they are doing.

1. First is believing or trust. Or in Yoga I refer to this as “letting go.”

2. Being Specific

3. Asking

4. Receive

1. Letting go or trusting is letting your edges fade. Allow your self to soften. Let go of the fear that you aren’t doing this right or that it might not work.
This is a hard step, especially if you have been wound up tight or in deep in survival mode.
Improve this step by practicing Meditation or Yoga… Now all Meditation and all Yoga is not the same so find a teacher or style that you connect with.

2. Being Specific can take some time, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t currently know what you want. Ask the “universe” or open up to figuring out what you want.
Make you ask the universe to show you options of what you want in order to create as specifically as you can what it is you desire.

3. Ask.
Open up and say thank you for receiving what you are asking for. Visualize life as if it already came true and express gratitude.

Express gratitude daily until it has arrived.

4. Be open to receiving. Allow yourself to recognize when what you asked for has arrived. Sometimes what we asked for shows up in odd ways and other times its so close to our face we cannot even recognize it.


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