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The Yoga Way of Dealing with Cravings

We crave distraction, food, comfort, shopping…looking for the next external stimulus that will carry with it a tinge of happiness.

Fleeting happiness: Conditional Happiness.

We make others or something else responsible for our happiness. Making it anyone’s fault other than our own.

We avoid sitting with just our own thoughts because we hate what the voice in our head (our Ego) will tell us we did wrong.

That voice is not you.

That voice is a congregation of thoughts and comments of others that has formed a layer of your subconscious…. something that belongs to you, but is NOT you.

Can you re-write that? Can you learn to like your mind? To like quiet time? Yes.

For some of us we might only be a self-help book or two away from improvement.

For others, for most it is a long journey of self-discovery or re-writing the BS that society and uncompassionate people have fed your mind from a very young age.

Ultimately the comfort seeking, distractions and numbing activities function as a temporary bandaid that we have discovered to avoid the boring, blank void.

We have stopping listening to our heart & gut and instead see emotions as annoyances that need to be put in a closet instead of dealing with it.

With the practice of observing, mindfulness & meditation we stop run from our problems instead of solving them, we stop blaming others instead of observing the situation and planning for what we will do next time.

We Do Not live in the since of regretting or reliving the moment over and over, we just use each challenge as a learning opportunity.

Take a look and listen to my YouTube video about eating till 80% full and/or how to use Yoga & Meditation to help deal with cravings.

Using Meditation & Yoga to deal with cravings:

80% Full:

Stay tuned to the next blog: Stop Hitting Your Self-Destruct Button


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