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Would You Judge A Fish?

A fish doesn’t know it is swimming in water: A magical fluid that sustains all life here on earth. We humans forget that we are all connected by air, we are all living and breathing; all interconnected.
We are like the fish in their water and we are in our air. For some reason we can lightly study the fish and see this interconnected ecosystem that exists and we would never think that the sea creatures are ever alone, functionally independently…yet we do about our selves here in our air.
As inquisitive humans we study animals.
We will give animals at the zoo a perfect diet and exercise but not ourselves.
We avoid our human connections to hide behind screens to communicate with humans in different ways. How silly would that be if we found the fish doing something similar.
Should we take a moment to really see how we are showing up in our world? In our ecosystem? How do we interact with others and our selves?

Would we judge a fish for eating artificial food if the real thing is sitting next to him or her, all she has to do is give it a chase?

Or what if we saw the fish just laying in the coral and dying preternaturally just because it didn’t get up to chase its food?

What if the fish did not provide self care and allowed the bacteria to hinder its life?
We sit behind screens instead of gathering with our friends, instead of cooking and sharing food together. We sit and eat pre-made (often fake-food) and struggle to get up and walk and explore the world – yet we complain that we don’t have time to do that or make other excuses.
What if we gave up on the complexity and chose simplicity?
SO, I ask? Where do you spend most of your time? In thought? Behind a screen?
Complaining or searching for the life you want or avoiding it?
You can develop your own Self-Care Plan with the 7 Days of Healing Program.

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