3 Habits That Hurt My Productivity Last Year

I am one of those people who are always trying to optimize. I will write down what needs to be done each month and then plan each weeks to-do list in order to get the most done. Such as, which day to do laundry and what to-do while laundry is washing. Time blocking is my friend.

That is until I let these three habits creep into my life. 

1. Not Getting up Early (As Planned)

Do you hit the snooze button more than two times? I used to wake up at 6 am or before and I could get so much done when my mind was fresh and if I didn’t that morning I could as least get quiet time to meditate, stretch and just prepare myself for the day.
And then at some point I stopped. I starting hitting the snooze button.
Most likely I stayed up too late too many times and go behind on sleep.
Nevertheless, I began the procrastination. And then that also trickled into my day, into my mindset and before I new it I was getting less done and also craving naps.

The only way I found myself getting anything done at a consistent pace was if I had coffee … which led to the next negative habit.

2. Waking and going straight for the coffee (with cream and sweetner)

I had done so good on weaning myself off the coffee and only using it as a pick-me-up around 2:00 – 3:00pm. But the attitude of procrastination in a body that likes productivity (and has way too many things that require being completed) reached for coffee. It is a powerful addictive thing: caffeine and sugar – sure to wreak havoc on your body if this is a daily habit.
And the worst way to have your coffee is first thing when you wake up, when your body is in need of hydration and instead you dehydrate it.
Not only that but I then craved the warm sugared caffeine all day long.
I began to remind myself of one of those disney witches that needed a daily potion to stay youthful looking.
This lead to crankiness and dehydration which led to being too tired to do the necessary self-care.

3. Not Meditating

I had done so well the year prior, I was meditating daily and at least one time per week I would spend an hour with meditation and reflection. I felt powerful, unstoppable and compassionate.
But as tiredness, procrastination and lack of appreciation for my own self-care I fell down the rabbit hole that so many americans live in. – I know because I coach many people with this same attitude.

That the pleasure of bad habits outweighs the pleasure of good habits. One reason being that they forgot how good the good feels or that the thought of getting up 30 minutes early sounds horrible to them because they are chronically tired and dehydrated and possibly malnourished (lacking essential nutrients).

If this feels like you, I would love to help. There are many paths to pulling yourself out of this funk, some are short and some are long but regardless it does take making a change to get a change.

Send me a message on my webpage or facebook

Your Success Coach,

Izzy Nalley


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