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It Starts with a Vision Board

A simply way to describe a vision board is a collection of images that represent your goal(s). Its a visual representation.

Why do you need this?
Well, if you write down your goals you are more likely to accomplish them,
if you verbalize your goals you are even more likely to accomplish them and
if you can visualize your goals you are even more likely.

But what makes a big impact, the biggest impact is if you visualize and create that warm and fuzzy feeling of you getting your goals as often as possible. That is way more likely if you have this board full of pictures that represent that vision very clearly in a place that you can see daily or multiple times a day.

This isn’t something that just highschool girls do.
This is something successful CEOs do!

Yes! Grab some magazines or print some pins.
You can old fashion glue it to a poster board craft it or simply use push pins and a cork board.

How do you choose picture?

Well, there are 2 ways, and I personally think it just depends on the person.
If you are really clear about your goals then printing out picture might be really easy.
If you have a general idea of goals then browsing through some magazines might be a good option.

2 different ways of doing this: values or checklists.

I have made a vision board of my general values I want to hold onto for the year and broad goals. These type of vision boards tend to stay with me, I keep them up for years or until I’m tired of looking at it (it no longer holds an emotional value) and then I re-create a new one.

I have a been really clear before and created a collage of photos that represented the previous checklist/bucket list I had already wrote out for the year. This is fun because you can actually put a big green check on the photo after it has been completed and then you can visually see all your success as your board fills up with indications of completion.

Either way you go about it, you are still spending time thinking about what you want in life, what will create you happiness and give yourself feel-good-feelings. And it can make a great girl’s night, couple’s night, or leadership gathering.

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Your Success Coach,
Izzy Nalley






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