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Themed Dinners

I don’t know about you but I look forward to TACO Tuesday and anytime we have a special night planned for dinner. Schools use this theming game to get kids to remember what they will be having during the week – So why don’t we do this at home?

We can theme our week for more productivity. Yes, more productivity.
When we take some of the thinking and planning off our plate and give ourselves fewer choices it allows us to think more efficiently. 7

Popular Themes:
*Click for Pinterest Inspiration

Meatless Monday – Salads, Veggie overload

Taco Tuesday – Tacos or Nachos

Asian Food Wednesday – Pre-made or Stir fry

Breakfast for Dinner Thursday – Eggs, Omelets, Casserole

Italian Friday – Pizza, Pastaitalian.png

Sandwich Saturday – Burgers, Patties, Lettuce wrapped, Deli Style

Slow Cook Sunday – Crock Pot or Labored Love

These still offer a lot of choices and thankfully with the support of Pinterest, you can now plan a whole weeks dinner in less than 10 minutes. That means you can go to the store and get all the ingredients you need for the week and that grocery store trip is no longer an excuse to not eat at home for the night.

No more fast food means that you take control of your spending and your (and your family’s) food.

This can also be something beyond that, maybe this is a new step in the direction of shared meals. Make it a friendly week by having each friend commit to a night that they enjoy cooking a certain type of food. Billy host dinner on Monday, Sally on Tuesday….ect.

Now, if you are a Pinterest junkie, I warn you to NOT go and pin 50 recipes right now because you will most likely get so caught up in that that you will not actually choose ones to use and therefor not utilize this super SIMPLE system.

You can create your 7 Boards with the themed title you choose. Then find 2 recipes per day, you can rotate these two food choices for about a month! Keep working those until you feel like you can cook them well – then repeat. crepes

Keep in mind that your meal plan for the summer will be different than your meal plan in the winter. See The Three Season Diet or Ayurveda Seasonal Eating.
In general I coach that Lunch should be your heavy or raw meal and that dinner should be easy to process like soups.

I have saved some healthy options to inspire you. Click on the links and start planning a week of cooking that you will look forward to!

Your Coach,

Izzy Nalley




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Got Cravings?

This is something I bring up a lot when talking about understanding your nutrition and deficiencies, as well as common hang ups that derail people’s new diet plan or healthy eating lifestyle change: CRAVINGS.

You get stressed and suddenly: CHOCOLATE! or COFFEE! both could be your body craving magnesium or could be (a may be a mix of all this) food relationship problem i.e. avoidance or comfort foods.

But lets talk about cravings from a nutrition stand point.


If you are ruled all day by cravings then most likely this is your nutritionally deprived body and mind screaming at you trying to get your attention.

What is actually happening.

Your body is screaming that its hungry (nutritionally deprived) but your mind hears “starving” and freaks out like an irrational over protected mother and starts trying to accumulate enough calories to keep you alive for as long as possible.

Therefore you might be extremely lacking in calcium and magnesium are in need of leafy greens like broccoli, spinach & kale but your mind (I often refer to the ego mind as a toddler) say chocolate and coffee and carbs until your pleasure senses of the brain level or until you are full.

But guess what? The body didn’t really get what it needed… and so the cycle continues.

So what do you do?

Plant based, mega veggie shakes. Not just a protein shake but the stuff with servings of veggies. real food not synthetic.
Blend that stuff up with almond milk and yogurt &/or fruits and sneak it into your system.

Have a go-to smoothie/shake for each craving to slowly replace the calorie dense with nutrient dense.

I went from eating chocolate, oreos & coffee every day, eating sporadic meals to consistent healthy eating within 6 months using this method along with flooding my body with fruits and veggies.  >My Food Relationship Talk<

My favorite products:

Juice Plus Trio Blend & Shakes.

My chocolate fix:

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk
1/2 Avocado
2 tbsp of Peanut Butter
Ice Optional
1 scoop of dutch chocolate JP

Now, when I get a craving I realize that it is a warning sign, I access what I’ve been eating and it is normally that I have fell off the healthy food train or slacked a little.

Below is one helpful cheatsheet. Although is doesn’t cover everything, I find this one is a good place to start and experiment with.         >click here for more on pinterest. <


8 Foods to Grow Gorgeous Nails and Shiny Hair

Focusing on your overall health means paying attention to details big and small:

• your weight

• your blood pressure

• how you feel

• how you look

As for how you look, though you may opt out of fussing with frills, that doesn’t mean that things like your fingernails and hair aren’t important. In fact, they can be a key sign of good (or bad) health.

Your hair and your nails are made up of keratin. Keratin is a special protein made by cells in your skin.

When it’s made, it pushes through the skin, then dies and turns hard, turning into hair or nails.  This process is called “keratinization.”

When the process of keratinization is going well, it reflects good health. Nails and hair will be strong and smooth.

By contrast, a person who is sick will have nails that are dry and brittle. Their hair will break easily and be dull. There are other signs and symptoms your hair and nails will give youtoo!

The body functions that determine whether keratinization is well supported are a healthy kidney and thyroid, as well as hormones that are in balance.

To ensure that these organs and functions are well supported, there are several nutrients that you should be sure you’re getting.

These include:

• Protein: gets broken down into amino acids that build keratin

• Vitamin A: Helps your body absorb protein

• Vitamin C: Works with zinc to build collagen

• Vitamin B2: Helps develop new tissue

• Vitamin B7 (biotin): Develops stronger nails

Other nutrients that are key to growing vibrant, healthy nails and hair include vitamins D and E, iron, calcium and iodine.

To support nail and hair health, there are certain foods that will make a big difference. Eating more of these will add strength and shine:

8 Foods to Grow Gorgeous Nails and Shiny Hair

1. Protein – Adding a plant-based protein powder to your smoothie will stop hair loss.

2. Blueberries – Blueberries are high in antioxidants that protect growing cells against free radical damage.

3. Almonds – Almonds are loaded with magnesium. This mineral counters stress that can cause damage to hair and nail cells. Other good sources of magnesium include cacao nibs and leafy greens. And almonds are also high in protein.

4. Beer – Not that I’m advocating alcohol but here’s one good reason to tilt a glass every now and then. Beer contains silicon, a mineral that boosts scalp circulation and hair growth.  It also fights brittleness in nails.

5. Oysters – Oysters are the food highest in zinc. Zinc is needed to make the keratin that turns into hair and nails. Not a fan of shellfish? You can also get zinc from poultry, cereals, and baked beans.

6. Yogurt – There’s a link between losing hair and low levels of Vitamin D. Also, the calcium in dairy helps build healthy hair and nails. Just be sure you read the labels before you buy yogurt.

7. Eggs – Not only are eggs high in protein and vitamin D, they also contain biotin, which plays a key role in building keratin.

8. Salmon – Salmon contains biotin and protein, as well as omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy skin. Since nails and hair are formed from the top layer of skin, healthy skin means healthy nails.

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Would You Judge A Fish?

A fish doesn’t know it is swimming in water: A magical fluid that sustains all life here on earth. We humans forget that we are all connected by air, we are all living and breathing; all interconnected.
We are like the fish in their water and we are in our air. For some reason we can lightly study the fish and see this interconnected ecosystem that exists and we would never think that the sea creatures are ever alone, functionally independently…yet we do about our selves here in our air.
As inquisitive humans we study animals.
We will give animals at the zoo a perfect diet and exercise but not ourselves.
We avoid our human connections to hide behind screens to communicate with humans in different ways. How silly would that be if we found the fish doing something similar.
Should we take a moment to really see how we are showing up in our world? In our ecosystem? How do we interact with others and our selves?

Would we judge a fish for eating artificial food if the real thing is sitting next to him or her, all she has to do is give it a chase?

Or what if we saw the fish just laying in the coral and dying preternaturally just because it didn’t get up to chase its food?

What if the fish did not provide self care and allowed the bacteria to hinder its life?
We sit behind screens instead of gathering with our friends, instead of cooking and sharing food together. We sit and eat pre-made (often fake-food) and struggle to get up and walk and explore the world – yet we complain that we don’t have time to do that or make other excuses.
What if we gave up on the complexity and chose simplicity?
SO, I ask? Where do you spend most of your time? In thought? Behind a screen?
Complaining or searching for the life you want or avoiding it?
You can develop your own Self-Care Plan with the 7 Days of Healing Program.
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The Yoga Way of Dealing with Cravings

We crave distraction, food, comfort, shopping…looking for the next external stimulus that will carry with it a tinge of happiness.

Fleeting happiness: Conditional Happiness.

We make others or something else responsible for our happiness. Making it anyone’s fault other than our own.

We avoid sitting with just our own thoughts because we hate what the voice in our head (our Ego) will tell us we did wrong.

That voice is not you.

That voice is a congregation of thoughts and comments of others that has formed a layer of your subconscious…. something that belongs to you, but is NOT you.

Can you re-write that? Can you learn to like your mind? To like quiet time? Yes.

For some of us we might only be a self-help book or two away from improvement.

For others, for most it is a long journey of self-discovery or re-writing the BS that society and uncompassionate people have fed your mind from a very young age.

Ultimately the comfort seeking, distractions and numbing activities function as a temporary bandaid that we have discovered to avoid the boring, blank void.

We have stopping listening to our heart & gut and instead see emotions as annoyances that need to be put in a closet instead of dealing with it.

With the practice of observing, mindfulness & meditation we stop run from our problems instead of solving them, we stop blaming others instead of observing the situation and planning for what we will do next time.

We Do Not live in the since of regretting or reliving the moment over and over, we just use each challenge as a learning opportunity.

Take a look and listen to my YouTube video about eating till 80% full and/or how to use Yoga & Meditation to help deal with cravings.

Using Meditation & Yoga to deal with cravings:

80% Full:

Stay tuned to the next blog: Stop Hitting Your Self-Destruct Button

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Sustainable Mindset

We see a lot of new products flooding the market, these eye catching sustainability products get our interest by using ingenuity, creativity and reducing waste but why aren’t more people buying them?

Simple answer:
They are slightly more expensive and made in USA.

Bigger Answer:
In order for us to rebuild America “To Make it Great Again” we have to use our wallets with our consumer choices. If we want to keep the products being produced here we need to show that we are ready to buy products from here.

The Bigger Problem is that we are a nation of consumption; we buy, comsume and accumalate far more than we need. Instead of buying 8 t-shirts for $15/each we could buy 4 that we really love and use at $30/ea.
We arn’t spending any more money and we arn’t really getting less either because I think we can all agree that we have A Lot of clothes in the closet that we hardly touch.

Habits and Instant gratification is what fuels the American Business Market.

Read more about the minimal life and how it helps us think clearer here:
Clear the Clutter, Clear your Mind.

We have been trained through years of marketing that more is better. The survival mode in us and insurities tells us to stock up like we are prepparing for a hard winter. But in all reality we live in a world that we don’t need to hoard or stock up on anything.

….Often we are a 10 minute drive from a grocery store or clothing store.

Who are you supporting when you buy?
By becoming more mindful time and time again with each thing we do we can prevent living our life on autopilot.
Its good to occassionally question why you do what you do.
Is a choice you like or is it something that society tells you that you should choose.


Read more: Are Your Thoughts Your Thoughts or Everyone Elses?

So, How do you make more sustainable choices on the path to live greener, more simple, and more sustainable?

  1. OBSERVATION: Notice what you consume. What bottles, plastics and such fill your garbage can daily? – Make a list and see how can you get those items without all the waste.
    Often Farmer’s markets or sustainable markets have options.
    Pinterest has some super cute ways to make veggie bags out of old t-shirts.
    Just know that being sustainable isn’t about buying a bunch of fancy new items to not make waste, its about living more simple and not producing as much waste.
    (Example: You don’t need 5 cute water bottles…just 1-2 that might be made of sustainable products and/or made in the US)
  2. COMMUNITY: Hang out with other people who are sustainable or support local businesses. This is how you get your reviews…Amazon doesn’t know everything on this topic. Farmer’s markets, Yoga Classes, Local Craft Fairs, Community Pot-lucks…
  3. Notice feelings of wanting to consume, desires to go shopping or over eat.
    Often behind those desires are feelings and those feelings are seeking a distraction or a filler and quick fix for external products. It might make us feel good for the day or week but “things” don’t fix our emotions or problems.
    Take a moment and create a game plan of other activities you can do instead that would make you feel better: call or text a friend, go for a walk, make a craft or art, have tea with a friend, cook a meal, do something on that never ending to-do list…

Read more: The Feelings behind the Desire to Consume.


HIRE A COACH: If you have a lot of goals you are working toward and you need the accountability of a coach and someone to call or text when an obstacle arises, you may need a success coach.
Contact us by clicking on the contact form and let us know if you would like more information.